A Brief History of the Video Game “Carmageddon”

The two founders of Stainless Software, Patrick Buckland and Neil Bandam decided to try something new after they had gotten sick of all the racing games coming out. They wanted to turn the cars around and smash the other cars out of the way. They wanted to do a combination Banger racing and Demolition Derby game and put together a rough demo for publishers. There were no takers, until SCi found out about the game.

Originally, SCi wanted to try to do a game based off the “Mad Max” series of films, but did not know who the owner of the rights was. It was decided, after they found out about “Death Race: 2020” which was to be the sequel to “Death Race: 2000” was being made, to do a game based off “Death Race”. The movie was eventually scrapped and so the developers would later change the name by combining the words car and Armageddon to form one word.

Carmageddon Screen Cap 1
Carmageddon Screen Cap

Once the game got started, they did not really know how to actually develop a game. They settled on the idea that if it sounded like it was fun, they should try and do it. One of their models for the game, Tony, was run over (for research, of course) and smacked with a pool cue for Prat cam.

When it came time to rate the game, things stopped being so easy. The ratings board in Britain was given the game to rate, the developers wanted an eighteen rating and failed to get one. This was because of the fact that in the game, you are given points for running over pedestrians (with more points depending upon whether or not they are handicapped or babies or old).

Carmageddon Screen Cap 2
Carmageddon Screen Cap

It was thought that it would ruin the nation’s youth. The developers had to censor the game by replacing the people and cows with zombies (in Germany robots were used). The board would give in after almost a year’s worth of appealing to them.