Top 10 Auto Racing Games: Part 1

When it comes to thrill and excitement, racing games offer the amazing benefit of competitive fun. Whether a person is playing against the computer or real players, it can easily make for a stress relieving fun time. Auto racing games have advanced over the last few years dramatically, visuals more intense than ever. The cars have become equipped with multiple speed enhancing features and controls. It is amazing to see how far the gaming car has come.

Derived from real race cars featured in magazines with a bit of imagination thrown in, these cars each sport their own persona. With different speed settings, strengths, and weaknesses, a person has a wide selection of detailed cars to choose from in each game. Users can enjoy the sunset and beautiful backdrops as they race along the dangerous, intricate race track or road. Different terrains to excite and many reward points to achieve. These are the top 10 auto racing games on the market.

#10 – Shift 2

Shift 2 is a PC game that boasts real action. For individuals looking for the most realistic elements and graphics, this may be worth the deeper research. This game eliminates the common method of racing by not only making the controls feel realistic but using the view capabilities to mimic that of what is seen outside of the digital world. Users can utilize the enhanced viewing technology to help them excel in other racing auto games. For example, the game shows the player, without being overbearing, what they should be focussing on. If a car is catching up to the player, objects that are farther away are blurred. This is an excellent feature because this is how everyday visuals work. This helps the game to be more realistic, besides the smooth ride of the vehicles in this game.

#9 – Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Screen Cap
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Screen Cap

This game was brought to market in 210 and was developed by Criterion Games. It can be played with PlayStation, Xbox360, PC, and a number of other options that can be located in its description. There is also a version for Wii that was developed by Exient Entertainment. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is an excellent example of a high thrill game that boasts graphics and purpose. Users can race against friends or run from the law as they steer through dramatic race environments. Players can also be the police driver and have levels of their career, giving the gamer goals other than winning a race. This game has been no stranger to the market being the 16th of its kind in the product line. The game is full of exotic cars and is simply fun gameplay.

#8 – Real Racing 3

A 2013 game, Real Racing 3 offers its users simply that, an accelerated racing experience. The game was developed by Firemonkeys Studios and has been a popular option for simple fun since. When players start out, they are pushed to accomplish wins to get new cars, as they are limited to a Nissan Silvia S15 or a Ford Focus RS. These are great cars in the game but it still motivates players to see what other options they have. The game is divided into many adrenaline rushing series where users should not tire out easily.

#7 – Need For Speed: Shift

Another Need For Speed game from the collection, this game is an exciting rush of amazing features. The product line always features new exotic cars and even though this game is from 2009 it still hosts a slew of beautiful graphics and fun cars. This game is the 13th installment and still offers new and old users great auto gaming. Although this race car game doesn’t have a storyline, it can still motivate the player as they can move up in career mode, enhancing their skills and driving the best cars. This is a great game for those who simply want to race.

#6 – Test Drive Unlimited 2

Test Drive Unlimited Screen Cap
Test Drive Unlimited Screen Cap

This 2011 auto racing game can be great for those who want more freedom to roam in this style of gaming as it is open-world style. It lets players drive through exciting racing with a story line attached as they do so. To enhance, players must earn experience points. For more options, the unnamed avatar can be slightly adjusted to the users liking. A great gameplay if players want to do more than race.