Top 10 Auto Racing Games: Part 2

#5 – Need For Speed: Undercover

The twelfth installment in the Need For Speed line up, this 2008 game features exciting open world gaming that can make the player feel as if they are in a new environment. Users can see a map of their new hometown and drive freely through the vast landscape. This game is like the Grand Theft Auto of racing games. It is a fun digital experience. Users can speed in fast cars and follow the story line as they travel.

#4 – Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6 Screen Cap
Gran Turismo 6 Screen Cap

This video game was released in 2013 and had many excited to play the new installment of the Gran Turismo line. This is also the twelfth game in this series and had won many awards. It features a host of exotic cars to choose and customize and has a wide variety of adrenaline rushing race tracks to choose from. This is for the gamer who adores stylish cars and fun tracks to explore.

#3 – Project Cars

This auto racing game is one of the newest as it was released in 2015. It was developedSlihtly Mad Studios and can be played on most of the newest game consoles today. This auto game challenges the player with sporadic weather conditions and aggressive motorsport paths. As the game starts off, the user is vouchsafed to explore all of the race tracks and vehicle options. This is a great feature for those who simply want to race and have all options available to do so immediately.

#2 – Grand Turismo 4

The fourth installment, Grand Turismo 4 allows the player to speed across exotic race environments in expensive cars. This game offers a long list of cars to choose from and multiple racing events to earn points. There are also driving missions that help increase the points earned. A great game to challenge one’s self and test different driving levels.

#1 – Forza Motorsport 5

Forza Motorsport 5 Screen Cap
Forza Motorsport 5 Screen Cap

Turn 10 Studios developed this auto racing game and it has held a high position for gamers who enjoy race car games. It has an abundance of vehicles the user can test drive, 200 cars from over 50 manufacturers, and gives the race car gamer what they want, variety. Every simulation is backed with quality scenery that makes the user feel as if they are in the game. Also, the controls boast realistic motions and each car is suited with its own great benefits the user can take the time to explore.


Every game listed can offer exciting story lines, great cars, and simple fun.